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Our Features

We aim at helping every job seeker generate qualified job application in the most effective and easiest way.

Resume+Cover Letter

Create tailored resume and Cover letter to each job description.

Job Description Analysis

Extract the keywords and key phrases from the job description.

Professional content generation

Generate the qualified and professional content for both resume and Cover letter.

Match rate

Give instant feedback and match rate for each job.

Writing tips

Tailored and specific writing tips covering 50+ industries.

Elegant templates

A range of professionally designed and creative templates.


Our AI engine has learned 1 million+ job descriptions and it keeps learning and updating everyday. Therefore, our accuracy rate will be over 99% and it gives you the highest chance to pass through the first job screening.

Our AI conducts a thorough analysis on both the job description provided and your professional profile. Scanning our database of well-written and successful applications, a template unique only to you and aims to give you the best chance to pass the first job screening is generated.

Our AI has a built in algorithm that generates content unique to each user based on their respective backgrounds and job description provided. Through countless of tests our service has managed to generate unique content incorporated with elegantly designed templates.

Our system is free of charge. However, you will need to make the necessary payment to download the generated resume and cover letter.

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